Guidelines to Contributors:

1) Manuscripts are to be submitted to Managing Editor at in 'MS Word Format' as per guidelines given in model paper.

2) Submission of a manuscript to IJRMTEM indicates a understanding that the paper is not under consideration for publications with other journals.

3) Once the paper is accepted, the authors are assumed to cede copyrights of the paper over to IJRMTEM (ISSN No.:- 2456 – 1460). If any copyrighted material is used by the author, the author must take permission for the same or else his contain will be plagiarize.

4) All the papers are refereed and acknowledged. Once accepted they will not be returned. However, if any of the authors requires copy of the same, they can either download it from IJRMTEM site, or send Email to the editor.

5) Manuscript should be in two columns & font in 'Arial' only, all the header text size is 10 (Bold) & rest text size is also 10  (Normal) & Title font size is also 10 (Bold).

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